Covenant Ladies: United in Faith and Sisterhood

Covenant Ladies, led by Pastor Diana Mayorga, is the ministry dedicated to the strengthening and empowerment of women at New Covenant Church. We provide a supportive, nurturing space where every woman can discover her divine purpose and deepen her relationship with God.

Our vision is clear: to see women thriving in every area of their lives while deepening their faith. We offer a variety of activities, including inspiring conferences, Bible study groups, and community service opportunities. Additionally, we address relevant issues for modern women based on God’s Word.

At Covenant Ladies, we foster sisterhood and solidarity. We support one another through all stages of life and celebrate triumphs and blessings together. Here, women are empowered to be leaders in their homes and in the Church, sharing the light of Christ in a world in need of hope and love.

Join Covenant Ladies and experience a place where your faith grows, your gifts awaken, and your purpose becomes clear. Here, you’ll find support, friendship, and the opportunity for spiritual growth as you follow God’s calling. We welcome you to be part of Covenant Ladies!