Covenant Kids: Nurturing Love for Jesus and the Bible in a Fun Way

Covenant Kids is a dynamic children’s ministry of New Covenant Church, designed to inspire and guide the youngest on their spiritual journey. Our mission is crystal clear: to teach children to love Jesus, explore the richness of the Bible, and enjoy their faith in a fun and engaging manner.

At Covenant Kids, we believe in the importance of sowing the seeds of faith from an early age. Our team of educators is dedicated to providing a safe and enriching environment where children can delve into the Word of God and learn the fundamental values of Christianity.

Our activities include exciting Bible lessons, interactive tasks, and, of course, plenty of games! We understand that learning can be enjoyable, and that’s precisely what we offer at Covenant Kids. We want children to be excited about discovering God’s Word and living out their faith actively.

At Covenant Kids, we take pride in being a starting point for children’s spiritual growth. As they explore the Scriptures, build strong friendships, and immerse themselves in exciting adventures, Covenant Kids children are prepared to embrace their faith in a way that will impact their lives forever. Join us on this exciting faith journey with Covenant Kids!

Emy Rozó – Children’s Director